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Project | 01

Communication Protocols

Verilog implementations of FIFO, UART, I2C, and SPI protocols using QuestaSim Software.

Project | 02

DH Drone

India’s first 3D printed, palm-sized, WiFi controlled ”programmable” drone for school and college students with self-made hardware and software.

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Project | 03

Autonomous Drone

An ”autonomous” quadcopter with optical flow technology built using self-made flight controller board and home-brewed algorithms with features including RTH, telemetry, FPV, collision avoidance, and waypoint navigation.

Project | 04

Flight Controller

An all-in-one professional drone PCB containing complete circuitry of all
sensors and microcontrollers on a single board with self-written software.

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Project | 05


The first-ever MADE IN INDIA Electronic Speed Controller for all kinds of Drones and UAVs with pure NMOS design and blheli_S firmware.

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Project | 06

The ANGAD Drone Series

A series of miro palm-sized drones with a day-night camera, live video, and audio transmission, and autonomous flight capabilities, perfect for secure house entry operations and surveillance.

Available versions: v1, v2, v3.

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Project | 07

The BAJRANG Drone Series

A long-endurance, multi-role platform drone series that supports a wide variety of payloads that can be used for high-end surveillance (day + night), mapping, data collection, and low-weight cargo operations with payload dropping mechanism, and accurate Target GR Tracking software.

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Project | 08

Target GR Tracking

A Python software that will calculate and display the accurate target coordinates of the location where the drone's camera (mounted on a gimbal) is looking at.

The target coordinates are calculated with less than 15m accuracies and displayed in both WGS84 and Indian GR format.

Project | 09

UAV Propulsion Analysis

A software that can compare the different configurations of a UAV's Propulsion system and can analyse and tell which configuration will give the most optimum flight time for a given set of UAV parameters.

For YouTube Video, click here.

Project | 10

Industrial PLC Board

An Industrial PLC Board that has Dual Brushed/Brushless Dedicated Motor Drivers, 9 Optocoupled IR Sensor Inputs, ​5 Optocoupled Switch Inputs, 1 Relay Output, RBG Strip Status Output, Recorded Audio Status Output, RS485 Connectivity, Current Sensing, OLED Interface, and 3 Dedicated Microcontrollers. All on a single board!

Project | 11

Drone Surveying

Drone photogrammetry makes it possible to survey an area quickly and generate high resolution and high precision outputs like Orthomosaic, Digital Surface Models, Contours, Point Clouds, 3D Models, etc using photogrammetry software.

Project | 12

Humanoid, Hexapod Robots

Mobile Bluetooth Controlled 9 DOF, 13 DOF Humanoids and 18 DOF Hexapod robots made using home-brewed algorithms.

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Project | 13


A toolkit containing all the quality tools which I use for my projects.

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Project | 14

Virtual Keypad

An on-screen keyboard software developed in MATLAB which allows the user to type using only aerial hand gestures using image processing.

The virtual keyboard also has special keyboard and mouse effects.

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